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Jaccard Construction

Our work is our pride

Photo Gallery

Custom cabinetry/shelving Custom cabinetry/shelving 206169969 206169971 Custom bathroom vanity Bathroom vanity featuring opening shelving for a contemporary look 185378810 Custom wall cabinet Wall cabinet built to match vanity with stained glass. 185378824 Bathroom remodel Custom bathroom vanity 185378802 Custom accent table Client brought us a photo, and wanted a similar item built. 185378805 Accent table top view Top view of accent table 185378803 Baby changing table/dresser 185378807 Baby changing table/dresser, open drawer view Changing table that doubles as a dresser 185378806 206169970 Custom bathroom vanity This bathroom vanity had a request for a pull out drawer. 185378809 Bathroom vanity, drawer pull out shown Client was thrilled with her pull out drawer! 185378808 Custom bookshelf Bookshelf, finished in a rustic style 185378811 Custom bookshlef Finished to match an existing bookshelf the client already had 185378812 Custom garage cubbies/storage Client had several kids that played soccer, she wanted an organized space for their smelly soccer stuff! 185378819 Custom garage cubbies/storage Side view of garage cubbies 185378813 Custom doors Client had a large open shelving space, custom doors were built to fit along with cubbies at the top with the arched top to give it a polished look. 185378816 Custom doors Different view 185378814 Custom frames Custom frames built for the Knoxville Farmers' Market posters. 185378818 Custom handrail/gate With kids crawling around, this gate was a necessary addition to this homes open floor plan. 185378820 Accent table, close up Different woods used to create awesome contrast! 185378804 Accent table 185378821 Accent table 185378822 Custom tv cabinet 185378823 203557439 206169986 206169987 206169988 206538685 206538686 206538687 206538688